May 24, 2016

Come Hear Me Speak!

I am excited to be talking once again on how break bad habits and make healthy new ones. Please join me as I discuss how you can get healthier by making a few simple changes in your life.
April 26, 2016

Competing Commitments

When I was bulimic back in my 20s, I would tell my friend Doug how much I wanted to stop the cycle of bingeing and purging. Doug, who was very wise, would say, “There is something positive you get out of throwing up, Alexandra, or you would have stopped long ago.” He was referring to a “competing commitment”. Yes, I was committed to stop the bulimia (I was in therapy every week), but I also had a commitment to have everyone like me by saying yes to everything – and that was working directly at cross purposes with my desire to stop throwing up. Because I was pleasing everyone over myself, I was using food as a treat and the purging as a release valve. […]
April 17, 2016

Losing weight

Every single one of my clients wants to lose weight, and my goal is to help them replace the habits that keep them overweight with new habits promoting better health and a leaner body. I have been reading about why 69% of adult Americans are now overweight and it is a complicated issue. What I have concluded is that, unfortunately, it is very hard to take weight off and especially challenging to keep it off. Our bodies fight to keep fat on, because our biology is still very much like it was thousands of years ago, always wary of famine. It has not adjusted to the new reality that in the United States the bigger danger to humans is overeating. Therefore, when we lower our […]
March 29, 2016

What I Learned About Myself from Feeding the Birds

I delighted in all the hummingbirds fluttering around my neighbor Marie Claude’s feeder, so a few months ago I bought one for outside our bedroom window. I dutifully bought the white sugar for the “nectar”, filled the feeder with the sugared water at a 4:1 ratio just like the Audubon Center recommends and then eagerly waited for the little ones to gather around, chirping happily. Hummingbirds are amazing. It was lovely to watch them and to hear the hum of their wings as they hovered around my feeder, which I had to refill every 2 weeks. I was thrilled with the wildlife outside our bedroom window. When I next saw Marie Claude, I told her she had inspired me to get a feeder of my […]