6 Things Super Healthy People Do Each Day (Besides Exercise)

Super Healthy People:

  • Balance Selflessness with Selfishness – Studies show that helping others provides an immediate boost to mood levels. However, I spent a lot of time volunteering when I was in my 20s, but I was still unhealthy. Why? Because I had not created proper boundaries and was giving away too much of myself doing things and being ways not authentic to me. When I learned to be more vocal about what I wanted and who I was, my 12 year struggle with bulimia went away. Now, I still volunteer, but I also stay true to myself, which creates a very happy balance.
  • Get Back on the Horse – We all get off track once in a while. However, healthy people get back on more quickly. If they overeat, they put that behind them immediately and eat well the next meal. One bad day is not license to go crazy for a week, or to get derailed completely! Healthy people don’t have perfect health behavior, they just minimize the amount of time they behave unhealthily.
  • Eat mindfully – This is the hardest practice on this list for me, which is silly because when we eat with a full awareness of what we are doing we enjoy our food so much more! Tip: At first, count how much you chew each bite and aim for at least 12 chews. Counting will help you stay present with eating if you are impatient like I am.
  • Are Grateful – Gratitude for what we do have has been scientifically proven to boost the immune system and lift serotonin levels. Tips: Keep a daily journal listing for what you are grateful, or just be aware throughout the day of the many small things in your life which are beautiful. Set your watch alarm at random intervals during the day to remind you to slow down and give thanks.
  • Drink water – and not much else. Super healthy people do not drink sodas, ades or fruit juices – they quench thirst with plain ol’ water. They don’t even drink coffee, because being dependent on a substance isn’t healthy! Tip: drink a large glass of water (add lemon for flavor and alkalinity) as soon as you get up each morning, to get your day started on a positive note!
  • Socialize – Yep, I am giving you permission to hang out with your friends! Close, loving relationships is the common denominator between the world’s oldest living people.