I don't think I've really expressed to you how much of an impact you had on my health/life/etc when I spoke to you last summer about joining a gym. Your perspective was so helpful - you just asked a really simple question about working out with my friends at the gym (basically it was "would you go to the club because your friends are there?" answer: yes!) Something clicked and I've been steadily exercising both there and elsewhere for over a year now: swimming, boxing, hiking, running, spinning and weight lifting! Are you some kind of fitness angel? I feel so much better. I still have a ways to go, but it seems possible. Slow and steady...

Now, if you can find me a good man, I'll know you're not mortal!

Thank you again…
Los Angeles, CA
Alexandra has helped me with a lot of things, one in particular has been improving my sleep habits. I used to never get enough sleep, with poor discipline around going to bed early, and then would struggle with feeling tired the next day during work. I now sleep at least 7 hours a night and feel so much better. She helped me get clear about why good rest is important to me, helped me develop strategies to go to bed earlier and deal with my resistance, and helped me put structure into place to achieve it.

Alexandra is an excellent coach. She listens well, cares, is understanding, asks great questions to get you thinking and moving forward, and helps you break down goals into small, doable steps.

Alexandra provides me with support and accountability towards making small, positive changes, and she helps me to handle things better. She has improved my life, and that's priceless.
Lauren Seaman
Yoga Teacher, Tennis Coach, Wellness Coach
Honolulu, HI
Alexandra is a master at assessing a situation and dividing it into achievable steps that inspire further actions. Her guidance allowed me to discover solutions myself, own them and find the passion to get things done. The results have led me toward greater possibilities.
Gregory C.
Toy designer
Santa Monica CA
I can't say enough about the tender and loving approach Alexandra used to get me on track with my wellness. It is nothing like therapy - she truly is a coach who listens and motivates you to hit your goals. So patient and inspiring - my diet has improved and I started exercising again. I feel so much better about my health and myself!
Brien Varady
Realtor, Deasy Penner & Partners
Los Angeles, CA
On May 28th, 2015, I had a heart attack. It wasn't bad luck. It was the culmination of years of bad habits. The first few weeks I was euphoric and felt committed to change. Then 3 weeks later, I woke up with a familiar feeling of depression. I remember thinking, Oh no, I'm back again to my normal self. But good luck did come my way: I started working with Alexandra. From the first session she helped me set attainable goals, inspired me to put in the hard work to achieve them and always allowed me the space to be kind to myself. Alexandra has a rare gift to listen with her heart and share knowledge through a bright and kind mind. She is caring and empathic in the most natural and authentic way. Most importantly, she realizes that while a ‘drill sergeant' might work in the short term, it’s only through self love that we can hope to make sustainable changes.

Bad habits are the result of self destructive emotions. It stands to reason that good habits come from place of love. I learned through weekly sessions that my greatest challenge is not what I eat or how much I exercise. That might work for a while. It’s how I manifest the person I am. Alexandra didn’t just help me change myself, she helped me love myself more.
Jonathan Stack
Filmmaker/2 time Oscar nominee
Brooklyn, NY
Alexandra turned my overwhelm into manageable step by step weekly tasks with just enough encouragement to help me roll along smoothly towards the goals we built. I jumped from being in a funk to clearing the way for a more fulfilling life.
Marsha vdB
Artist in Process
Santa Monica , CA