Keystone Habits Make Your Day Better

Keystone habits are those habits that lead to other good habits. They spark other “chain reactions that help other good habits take hold,” Charles Duhigg, author of The Power of Habit, writes.

For example, one of my keystone habits is a morning workout – if I get that in, I am more likely to choose a healthy breakfast. A healthy breakfast helps me be more productive, and since I feel so good about taking care of myself, I eat better throughout the day. I sleep better that night too.

Your keystone habit might be making your bed, because it starts your day off well, or eating an apple at 11am because it means you don’t overeat at lunch and feel motivated to go to the gym after work. Or your evening workout might motivate you to eat lighter in the afternoon, which means you don’t get sleepy after a heavy lunch and are so much more productive at work all day.

It is important to identify those behaviors that set you up for success each day, so you can prioritize them and make sure you get them in regularly. They will keep you more balanced and more inclined to take care of yourself when Life gets chaotic.

Some keystone habits might be:
-getting 8 hours of sleep
– starting off your day with oatmeal sweetened with fruit
– exercising daily
– keeping a food log
– cooking a few healthy meals on Sunday to eat throughout the week
-drinking only 1 glass of wine at dinner.

What are your top 3 keystone habits?