Apps for Staying Fit & Healthy When You Travel

It is easy to get out of shape when you go on vacation or when work takes you on the road. Here are some travel apps that will help you maintain your health habits when you are not at home:

Food Related Apps:

Happy Cow – For vegans, vegetarians and healthy eaters, this app will find vegan and vegetarian markets and restaurants all over the world. I was filming in Bulgaria and this awesome app came up with veg friendly restaurants near my hotel.

Food Tripping – This app gives you suggestions on nearby healthy food places (United States only).

Cronometer – this app gives you detailed calorie counts for hundreds of foods from around the world. I use it myself, even when I am at home, to track my food intake, both calorie and nutrient wise.

My Fitness Pal – Lots of my clients use this app and it is a great tool (like Cronometer) to keep you mindful of how much you are eating.

Can I Eat This? – This is an app created by the US Center for Disease Control that will let you know if the foods you want to eat while traveling might make you sick.

Fitness Apps:

Daily Burn – This app has a huge choice of workout videos you can follow anytime, anywhere!

Sworkit – Derived from “Simply Work it”, this fitness app takes you through 5-60+ minute strength, yoga, pilates and stretching workouts requiring no equipment.

MapMyWalk and MapMy Run – These apps will keep track of your route, speed and distance and measure your calorie burn as you do it. It’ll get you out sightseeing!

Argus – This app will track your steps and has other nifty features that will keep you mindful of your health. It’s free and available for both Android and iphone.

Trailhead by North Face – This app will find the hikes, trails and bike routes closest to you.

With help from these apps, you can get fit and feel great while you travel! And you will not have gained a pound.