Leave fad diets & unhealthy habits behind for good.

Diets work temporarily, but then the weight comes back. So if you want a fad diet, this is not the place for you. You can find thousands of those on the internet! However, if you are tired of losing weight and then gaining it back as soon as you resume eating normally, then you have come to the right place.

As a certified health coach, I ensure you make lifelong changes so you become a truly healthy person, not just a person on a health kick. And guess what, it isn’t torture and deprivation!

3 reasons you’ve failed to reach your health goals:

1. You made rules for yourself that made you miserable
2. You didn't have a proper implementation plan
3. You didn't have strategies to overcome temptation.

I teach my clients to stop relying on willpower and quick fixes, and to instead incrementally incorporate healthy habit changes into their life. We set goals made up of small steps, which lead to permanent big changes. That’s how my clients B. stopped eating fast food, R. overcame his soda addiction, S. was able to get to bed on time and still get her work done, and M. began exercising regularly.

Health coaching is your solution.

I use my own techniques to maintain my weight and health. As an actress for over 30 years, I faced many challenges to a healthy lifestyle: I traveled a lot, there was junk food readily available on every movie set, and I worked long hours. My key to success? I knew the most important strategies for staying on track: predicting where I might be tempted (sugar cravings were huge for me), developing a strategy to get around it (bringing my own food to work really helped), and always planning ahead (scheduling my very early workouts for the week ahead, deciding what times I needed to get to bed to awaken refreshed).

Even if you have a busy, stressful life, you can lose weight, sleep better, eat well and feel happier. Taking care of yourself is the second biggest happiness booster (behind falling in love), so why not get help with this vital aspect of your life?

Why Choose Me As Your Health Coach:

What Are You Waiting For?

If you could reach your goals on your own, you’d have done it by now. Partner with me to create a personal plan integrating healthy habits into your life. Click on the button below to get started with a free 20 minute consultation:

WELLNESS: a state of physical, emotional and social well-being - not merely the absence of illness or infirmity.